Vanessa Gordon's Music

Q - Do Suzuki parents have to have any musical background?
A - No, but it helps if they learn some basics on the instrument to be able to help the child with home practicing.
Q - How long are lessons?
A - The length of lessons depends on the child’s age, level, and ability to focus. The lesson starts with the child and any remaining time is used for working with the parent.
Q - Do you do make up lessons?
A - No, but a skype lesson or telephone conference may be possible during the lesson time. You may also arrange a switch with another student the same week.
Q - Do you teach at peoples homes?
A - No
Q - We are home schooled, must we commit to lessons for the duration of the school year?
A - Yes, parents are responsible for tuition for the duration of the school year. It’s also important to keep lessons continued to ensure progress.
Q - Are group lessons optional?
A - Group lessons are an integral part of Suzuki learning, and are required in this program.
Q - May I bring younger siblings to lessons?
A - Siblings are welcome as long as they are not a distraction to the student, parent, or teacher. It is a good idea to have a backup plan or babysitter in place.
Q - What is the difference between a violin and a fiddle?
A - The instruments are the same. The difference is in the style of music. Fiddle music comes from an oral tradition, and there may be several different versions of a particular tune.
Q - Should I buy or rent a violin for my child?
A - The violins must be teacher approved, so please do not purchase or rent an instrument before consulting with me. Music stores may talk you into renting or buying a size that is too large. It is better to go with an instrument that is too small, rather than too large, because the excess weight can cause the child to get tired, resulting in bad posture. Details will be provided before you purchase or rent an instrument. You will not need a violin at the first lesson.